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Welcome to Back Link Plus, we are a premier business directory, each submission to our directory is human checked for spam and low quality content. we provide free and premium listings for business in the UK and Worldwide.

When submitting your website to the Back Link Plus directory, make sure to provide all information and be as descriptive as possible. Indicate where your business is located (if a physical address is available) and list down contact information for users to easily contact you. As for submitting to a general topic directory only, make sure to keep in mind proper categorization (correct category). Otherwise, your site gets lost and people won’t be able to find you as easily as they would if you clicked on the right category. If you’re having trouble choosing the right one, you may contact the directory admin for assistance. With all these great tips, submit your site today.

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Back Link Plus will be upgrading our business directory in the coming weeks, we have some big changes planned, including, schema listings, Google maps, social media links and improved visitor reviews. Our directory increases the chances of your website Get Clicked On

During this time business owners will still be able to submit your company details to the directory and will automatically receive the upgrade once launched. Flooring Poole Inch Loss Thanet

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